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WHAT is The Voyager Crusade?

The concept is simple, it is to design and program an original, innovative, but above all playable game using the technology from the golden age of video gaming. Nowadays game designers have 3d graphics, FMV and surround sound to play with, and too often we see games that look fantastic, but lack that all important holy grail of gaming…playability.

This is a challenge to all up-and-coming game designers…show us you can still do it!

The Voyager Crusade is the brainchild of Jonathan Thompson aka “JT”, the man behind the “Voyager” arcade cabinets and game systems . The company supplies game machines to many top retailers, including and Selfridges & Co. The machines are also popular with celebrities, you can find Voyager cabinets in the homes of several Hollywood stars, and David Beckham recently took delivery of his very own custom gold cabinet ! You’ll find Voyager cabinets everywhere, museums, film premieres, exhibitions and more traditional venues like hotels and pubs and night clubs including the well known Cult TV chain clubs “FAB CAFÉ”.

Who can enter?

THIS is NOT a competition to be passed over lightly; in fact if you want exposure for your talents, this is an opportunity not to be missed!  

The competition is open to amateur programmers from all over the world, however you must be aged 17 upwards!


See rules for more information.

What will you win if your game is picked?

...First Prize...

IF your program is chosen as the winner you will have your game included on the Voyager Arcade System, so your game will get exposure to a huge audience! What an advert and something to add to your portfolio!

You also win a website for you to promote your games on, to other companies and also a customized one off Classic Games Machine designed to show off your games to potential clients.

This will be one of the top of the range JT Machine Cabinet. Only a few of these top of the range cabinets exist and they are all bespoke designs! A collector’s item from day one.

The winners JT Machine Cabinet will also be signed by the man behind Darth Vader’s mask, Dave Prowse and Jonathan himself for that personal touch!

To make the deal just that extra bit more exiting, you will also have a launch party put on for you in the heart of Liverpool City Centre, the European Capital of Culture in 2008...

TV and Film Stars will be invited as well as special celebrity guests and as prominent game manufactures and designers will be present.

Who knows, they might even take your design on further

...Second Prize...

IF your program is chosen as second place then you will have your game demonstrated at the launch party and also added to the launch party machines so you can show it off to potential clients at the party.

You will also be given an opportunity to add your game to the Voyager play lists.

...Third Prize...

IF you come third, you will be invited to the party and also you will be given an opportunity to demonstrate your game at the event.

So what is the outline of the rules…?

WELL the game must be retro in style... The game must be simple, fun for all ages and easy to play.  Remember the games “Space Invaders”, “Bomb”, “Mr Do”, “Pacman”, “Starwars” and other games like “Spy Hunter”; well these are the types of games we want to see.  Simple, fun and nothing special, but it must be your original concept.  

The games must be programmed to work on a PC Based machine running Windows XP, Graphics must be run in SVGA only, work with Electronic Coin System, 4 way and 8 Way, 3 button, Joystick configuration, 16K Sound and able to run 2 players as well as single player. See rules for full specifications and information...

Launch of the entries will start officially in January 2007, but if you are already interested you can email us your FULL name, date of birth, address, your Skype ID and email address. Information will be held under the UK Data Protection Act by both Retro Arcade Machines Ltd. and PCBT Photography and will only be used to send you information packs about the competition and also follow up information about the competition only.


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